Zulema Renteria

Staff Planner Zulema Renteria credits her sorority with her professional development and looks for ways to pass that experience down to others.

"Coming together is a beginning.

​       Keeping together is progress.

                 Working together is success."

​                                                       ~ Henry Ford

Meridian Consultants believes in allowing time away from hectic schedules and project deadlines to get together and connect with each other on a more personal level. Company-sponsored events such as sporting events, holiday parties, office potlucks, and even unique events such as a recent tour of the BMW Design Group are all part of this philosophy. Our staff members have awesome working relationships with each other and there is camaraderie even outside the office - the unofficial Meridian Consultants softball team, which has been running together for 3 years. 

We have fun, too.

Our staff are committed to productivity and efficiency. One reason why they are able to consistently meet client and professional standards is the opportunity for balance in their life and work schedules. Meridian Consultants supports personal and family obligations by instituting policies that allow employees flexibility to take care of personal matters, such as paid sick leave, family leave, bereavement leave, military leave, jury duty and witness leave, and pregnant disability leave, in addition to others.

Work/life balance.

The staff at Meridian Consultants all have one thing in common. We are all operating under the same general rule of thumb: teamwork. Not one of us can succeed without the other, and that shows in our daily interactions with each other, clients, and other project team members. Being a smaller firm also means having more multi-disciplinary roles within our team, and this fosters an interconnectedness that is unmatched by larger firms with distinct departments. 



Christine Lan

Senior Project Manager Christine Lan enjoys seeing the world when she's not working. Life can't be spent in front of a computer screen - there's a whole world to see!