1717 Bronson Avenue Project

Meridian Consultants prepared and managed the preparation of the full range of technical, environmental, and economic studies to guide the preparation for the East Gateway Project, which includes the East Gateway Specific Plan.

Representative Projects

Environmental Compliance

Central Coast Business Park Specific Plan EIR

Meridian Consultants prepared an EIR for the City of Glendale for a mixed-use project that included residential, commercial, open space, and parking uses on a 1.78-acre site.

515 Broadway Mixed-Use Project

East Gateway Project EIR

Meridian Consultants prepared an EIR that evaluated the proposed Central Coast Business Park Specific Plan. Major issues discussed in the EIR included agricultural resources; air quality; hazards and hazardous waste; and geology and soils.

CEQA/NEPA Compliance

Meridian Consultants has prepared the following types of environmental documents for our clients:

  • Environmental Impact Reports and Environmental Impact Statements

  • Initial Studies

  • Negative Declarations and MitigatedNegative Declarations

  • Technical Studies

  • Peer Reviews

Meridian offers expertise in all aspects of the land use planning process, including preparation and amendment of General Plans and Specific Plans; preparation of land use and project opportunity and constraint studies; identification of entitlements required for projects; and assistance with processing.

Meridian Consultants excels at assisting our clients in navigating the environmental compliance process deliberately and strategically. Through hands-on collaboration, we work with our clients to identify key issues and stakeholders, and to develop strategies that ensure efficient and timely completion of the various permitting, environmental, and regulatory compliance processes required for each project. This includes early evaluation of project constraints and opportunities; dialogue with regulatory agencies and other interested and involved parties; and coordination of scheduling of key tasks and deliverables, such as CEQA documentation and permit applications, to avoid unnecessary delays.

Early input from agency and other stakeholders can help identify ways of modifying a project to reduce environmental impacts and minimize potential cost, schedule, and litigation issues while ensuring that project objectives are met. Meridian Consultants assists our clients by identifying all processing and review requirements, technical information needed, and team members required at the beginning of a project. Developing and maintaining project schedules by actively managing the activities of the project team is a primary focus of the Meridian Consultants approach.

Meridian has worked on various types of projects, including urban development, specific plans, schools, infrastructure,airports, and residential, commercial and mixed-use developments.

This project, located within the Hollywood Community Plan area in the City of Los Angeles, involved the proposed demolition of two adjacent apartment buildings and the construction of a new apartment building on the same site. Meridian Consultants prepared the Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration.