Merv Griffin Estate Noise Monitoring

Meridian Consultants conducted a noise monitoring survey for Bounce and the City of La Quinta during an event at the Merv Griffin Estate. A Noise Monitoring Report was prepared by Meridian Consultants based on the findings of the noise monitoring survey and provided overall sound data during the event.


Goldenvoice LLC obtained special permits in lieu of a development agreement from the City of Indio for on-going music festival events and gradual expansion. As part of the conditions of approval, Meridian Consultants is responsible for noise monitoring to ensure compliance. Meridian Consultants also prepared the EIR for the Music Festivals Plan.

Noise Studies

WATER and Wastewater

Meridian Consultants has the capability to evaluate noise sources associated with a range of projects, from special events to spectator sports facilities, land development, and vehicle traffic. All measurements are taken in accordance with accepted methodologies such as ISO or ASTM, using Type I/II integrating sound level meters. Evaluations are made in reference to community planning standards, such as local noise control ordinances and the California Model Community Noise Control Ordinance, and are based on accepted community noise equivalent level/day-night average sound level (CNEL/Ldn) measurement methodology.

Meridian Consultants utilizes computer models to predict noise impacts from increased traffic volumes or other activities associated with proposed land uses. Anticipated noise levels are projected with respect to parcel boundaries or planimetric features and in accordance with applicable regulations or client objectives. Predictive studies may address a variety of variables, such as traffic volumes, vehicle mix, stationary source operation patterns, topographic conditions, and mitigation options.

  • Noise level management

  • Strategic sampling

  • Monitoring

  • Predictive modeling

  • National, state, and/or local Register resource evaluations

  • Noise contour mapping

  • Attenuation/Control plans

The Meridian Consultants staff has prepared Noise Control Plans as part of mitigation requirements and conducts long-term noise monitoring. We own several noise monitors and related equipment and have the staff available to mobilize and monitor noise on short notice. The Noise Control Plans incorporate the most practical and effective measures to mitigate noise and vibration impacts from the construction activities. Our Plans includes the following elements:

  • Noise monitoring with state-of-the-art equipment

  • Reporting and availability of monitoring data

  • Mapping of sensitive receptors and noise monitoring meter locations

  • Action levels to evaluate noise from construction operations

  • Complaint resolution processes



Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Global Family Festival Noise Monitoring

Meridian Consultants conducted an ambient noise monitoring survey for the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation's annual Global Family Festival on the Tzu Chi headquarters campus, adjacent to the City of San Dimas.