Staff Spotlight: Marina Barton

Marina Barton is one of our newest employees and has a background working on research programs with many different species from Kakum National Park in Ghana to Savoonga, St. Lawrence Island 30 miles off the coast of Russia.

While at the California Condor Recovery Program, she spent the majority of 6 months living on wildlife refuges. Her daily tasks included tracking condors with radio telemetry and reviewing footage of the nest cameras. During trapping season, she handled birds almost weekly to reattach transmitters and do health checks. She even got the opportunity to assist a nest entry and handle a 4-month old chick.

With the Reindeer Research Program, she worked in Nome, AK and was able to attend a few reindeer corrals with native tribes. She also conducted vegetation monitoring, invasive species surveys, and lichen measurements. A few weeks were spent at the University of Alaska Fairbanks to work at the research facilities with their herd.