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Giving back, Helping the next Generation

Image by The Climate Reality Project

Zulema Renteria recently joined Meridian Consultants as a Staff Planner, having graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in Environmental Science and Management. During her time as an undergraduate, she became a sister of the Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. which allowed her to focus on one of her passions: community service. The organization allowed her to be a part of several events catered to the Latinx community.

Now, as an alumna of the organization, Zulema continues to play an active role through undergraduate outreach and supporting local chapters in Southern California. Her support ranges from monetary donations for Lambda Theta Nu fundraisers to personal outreach and communication to undergraduate sisters still currently pursuing their degrees. She tries to stay as connected as possible with the active SoCal chapters while balancing her career. She also continues to keep in touch with the ladies of her Epsilon Chapter at UC Davis, continuously donating to all fundraisers and attending events whenever possible.

Recently Zulema attended her Chapter’s annual conference, the Latina Youth Leadership Conference where she participated on the Alumna Panel. This conference is geared towards demonstrating to young high school women of color that higher education is attainable through a series of workshops. All sisters in attendance share how the organization has helped them. Every lady has a different reason for having blossomed into a Silver Rose. Moreover, the conference highlights another pillar of the organization: academic excellence. It is here where the participants can see exactly how Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. can propel ladies into their professional careers. There are multiple workshops with different themes such as leadership, financing a college education, self-love and identity filled with team building exercises and personal testimonies, a campus tour, and culminates with the alumna panel all hosted by sisters of Lambda Theta Nu.

As a panelist, Zulema spoke about her experience as a woman of color attending a 4-year university, pursuing a degree in STEM, as well as her time as an active Lambda undergraduate. This organization has developed Zulema into the professional she is today and given her a network of sisters and support that cannot be matched. She credits the organization for further influencing her intellectual and emotional growth, during her time at UC Davis. Through outreach and community service, Zulema was able to learn more about the demographics in Davis and Sacramento, which allowed for selective service in under-served communities. Furthermore, the bonds she formed with her sisters are lasting, which is another reason why she has strong ties to her home chapter. Attending events as an alumna is one of the many ways she supports her community and the organization she profoundly believes in. Even as a professional, Zulema continues to serve her local community and sisters.

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