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Glamis Sand Dunes.jpg
Vancouver- Hanging Bridge
London-Harry Potter Film Set
London-Phone Booth
London-Buckingham Palace
London Bridge
Vancouver-Canada Sign
Costa Rica-River Floodplain
Paris- Pont Alexander III Bridge
Costa Rica-Mountain View
Glamis Sand Dunes
Miami- Ocean
Taiwan-Rail Forest
Paris- Eiffel Tower
Mountain Range
Paris- Louvre

Ms. Lan enjoys traveling and exploring new places during her free time, be it within the United States or abroad. She first experienced travelling with her family and a very adventurous mother, taking family vacations during summer and winter breaks from school. The first country she visited abroad was when she was five at Japan, where she visited the Disneyland in Tokyo. The most prominent memory she has from the experience was the Peter Pan ride through the dark sky, after she was determined to be too short to ride the roller coasters.

Since graduating college, Ms. Lan has made it a point to visit a new place every year to expand her horizons. Of all places, Vienna was one of the favorite places she has visited. Not only is the neighborhood and structures beautiful, but the travel was also very affordable. It exudes all the charms of an epic fairytale with grand architectures and pebble paved paths alongside fine dining, tea and cakes that would not break the bank. If anyone is looking for a fine experience within a budget, try Vienna. Caveat- plane rides are still expensive.


This year, Ms. Lan is excited to add Stockholm and Copenhagen to her growing list of places visited. She is also looking forward to eventually getting to Hawaii, which she can’t believe she hasn’t had a chance to visit. Ms. Lan believes that all these experiences adds to one’s world view and helps us better understand each other’s perspectives. If nothing else, who couldn’t enjoy some time away from their computer screen? There’s a whole world out there after all! 

A NEw year,

           a New Place

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