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Evan Sensible

Project Manager

Mr. Sensibile is a staff planner with experience in public sector planning and an interest in land use policy, urban design, sustainability, social equity, and transportation. His experience in the planning and housing fields allows him to take on projects requiring creative solutions. Mr. Sensibile has experience providing relevant planning and zoning information such as land use requirements, zoning regulations, property development rights, and CEQA compliance to developers. In addition, Mr. Sensibile has experience with land use entitlements and preparation of deed restrictions for residential real estate projects.

At Meridian Consultants, Mr. Sensibile has contributed to a variety of environmental documents, including Project Environmental Impact Reports, Addendums to Specific Plans, and Sustainable Community Environmental Assessments. He has worked on mixed-use residential real estate projects and urban infill developments in the Southern California region.

As a native to Southern California, Mr. Sensibile believes that strategic planning with the region’s abundant natural resources in mind creates a better future for residents.

(213) 375-3833

Evan Sensible
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