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Tony Locacciato


Mr. Locacciato is an urban and regional planner with more than 35 years of diverse experience in planning and environmental analysis. His background in consulting, public sector planning, and private development results in an understanding of the relationships between land use regulations, environmental impacts, and the implementation of projects. Mr. Locacciato has experience in land use planning; land use studies; the preparation of Specific Plans, Master Plans, Environmental Assessments, Program and Project Environmental Impact Reports (EIRs), Supplemental EIRs and addendums to EIRs, Initial Studies, and Mitigated Negative Declarations; and site feasibility and constraints analysis. He has also provided a wide range of environmental consulting services to cities, including the preparation and review of EIRs, and the direction of mitigation monitoring programs.

Mr. Locacciato has been involved in the planning and environmental review of commercial, industrial, residential, and mixed-use projects in urban and rural settings for communities throughout California as well as for a wide variety of public infrastructure and public facility projects. His specialty is the management of complex multidisciplinary projects. Mr. Locacciato provides oversight and direction of projects and directly manages complex projects.

(805) 367-5725

Tony Locacciato
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