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With Teamwork


Our diversity gives us strength.

A company is only as valuable as its staff.

At Meridian Consultants, we truly believe our employees are our most important asset. We pride ourselves on our ability to work as a team to provide our clients with outstanding results. 


Each one of our employees has an unique perspective that allows for effective innovation and dynamic problem solving. Not one of us can succeed without the other. Being a smaller firm means having more multi-disciplinary roles within our team, fostering an interconnectedness that is unmatched by larger firms. We believe that only through department transparency and collaboration are we truly able to build comradery and make our clients happy.  


Our staff is committed to productivity and efficiency. One reason why they are able to consistently meet client and professional standards is the opportunity for balance in their life and work schedules. Meridian Consultants supports personal and family obligations by instituting policies that allow employees flexibility to take care of personal matters, such as flexible work hours; optional one-day-a-week remote work; as well as paid bereavement, military, jury duty, and paternity/maternity leave, etc.


Meridian Consultants believes in allowing time away from hectic schedules and project deadlines to connect with each other on a more personal level. Whether it be from our more regular company lunches and after-hours happy hours, or our yearly holiday party and cookie exchange, we present opportunities for our staff to bond. Employees are the building blocks of any company, and it is only through strengthening those relationships, in and out of the office, that our firm is able to succeed. 

Staff Spotlight

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