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We value the work we do

How We Succeed

Top technology and organizational systems.

We're constantly changing how we work, 

so the work is done right.

At Meridian Consultants, our core values of strong leadership and teamwork guide our work. 

We ensure our internal processes are working smoothly so we can get project work done quickly and at a low cost!

Managers are the stronghold of their team. We utilize employee feedback to improve our management philosophies in order to create an evolving work environment. Open communication and transparency is important to us, which is why we share project schedules and encourage planner involvement. 

 Clearly-defined strategies such as project kick-off meetings, workload scheduling and tracking, and project management software programs ensure successful collaboration and project outcomes.

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Meridian's unique blend of specialties and skills are spread across a variety of project needs. By encouraging cross-collaboration, the best minds are always covering project challenges. 

When additional support is necessary, Meridian has handpicked a number of subconsultants that provide the same quality that we strive for in our work. 

Whether in-house or out, our interdisciplinary team approach is built to serve our clients in the best way possible.

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Our employees are happiest and do their best work when they have a strong work-life balance.


That's why we allow flexible scheduling, so that no doctor's appointment, child's basketball game, or wedding will be missed. 

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We're always analyzing how we can automate and streamline our internal processes through technology.

Adobe, InDesign, SketchUp, GIS, and Google Maps are essential in creating visually dynamic documents.

SharePoint and Planner allow our team to collaborate and share documents, create a transparent workflow, and communicate on project goals and needs. Combined with Teams, these programs have smoothed the transition into remote work to match today's environment.

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We give you upfront, detailed costs without tacking on extra fees. We know every dollar counts, so we don't want to waste your time or your money.


Our experienced staff analyzes your needs and details budgets that are both comprehensive and competitive, so that your project can get done right and at a reasonable cost. 

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We have internal QA/QC procedures to certify our documents are well written, legally defensible, and meet State standards.

We work with our legal team to revise document language and grant approval at every step in the document process.

 When documents are set to go out, our Publications team and the Project Manager complete a final quality check to guarantee the document meets client expectations.

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