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Top tier work and service


We're here for you.

Our firm's size allows us to be there every step of the way.

At Meridian Consultants we pride ourselves on
letting our portfolio speak for itself.


Our staff has the experience to take on any challenge that come along. We know navigating environmental compliance is hard;
we're here whenever you need us.

OUR Services

Large firms outsource a large percentage of their supplemental work, which means you have a lack of control on who is working on your project, and the outside company will do the minimum to stick with the firm's low bid, unaware of your project's intended needs. 

As we're a smaller firm, you can put a face and name to those working on your project. We have a comprehensive view of your project goals and needs, and are able to face challenges and do more than what is expected as us.


Meridian Consultants staff has prepared Noise Control Plans as part of mitigation requirements and conducts long-term noise monitoring. We own several noise monitors and related equipment and have the staff available to mobilize and monitor noise on short notice. The Noise Control Plans incorporate the most practical and effective measures to mitigate noise and vibration impacts from construction activities.

Air Quality And GHG

Meridian Consultants’ air quality and climate change professionals are a specialized team with an up-to-date and in-depth understanding of the complex and evolving regulatory landscape. The services offered include air quality impact assessments for CEQA and NEPA documents, health risk assessments (HRAs), greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories, and stationary source permitting and emission inventories. Our advanced modeling capabilities support analysis of energy and Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) analysis.

Trusted Consultants

To complement the experience and capabilities of Meridian’s professional staff, our team includes equally qualified firms we work with on a regular basis, including Gibson Transportation Consultants to prepare the transportation analysis, Historic Resources Group to address historic resources, KPFF Consulting Engineers to address potential impacts to utility systems, and Trifiletti Consulting to assist with outreach and coordination with local and regional agencies that will be key stakeholders and participants in the environmental review of this regionally significant project.

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